Track of the Week: Scarlet Cardigan // Ded Rabit

Eugene, Fergus, Eoin and Donal Gaine aren’t your average family; hailing from Edinburgh this band of brothers makes up the alternative/indie rock group, Ded Rabbit. Although spelling is clearly not their forte, making unapologetically catchy music definitely is.

‘Scarlet Cardigan’ is a peppy entity from start to finish, perfect for shaking you into action as the week gets underway. Melodically, the track is full of jangly guitars, inviting comparison to Leeds based band, Marsicans. Lyrically, it’s full of opposites “you always wear that scarlet cardigan / well I on the other hand am a late night hooligan”. Clearly then, this is a song about being attracted to someone who seems the polar opposite to yourself – and we’ve all been there.

With that unique singing-shouting method of vocal delivery – especially in the “wherever / wherever / wherever” of the chorus – this track is for fans of Little Man Tate (remember them?), Jamie T and The Wombats. A perfect way to shake yourself up if you’ve got a case of the Monday blues, ‘Scarlet Cardigan’ is the song for you.

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Article by Beth Kirkbride