Track of the Week: As Deep As Love // Daniel Pearson

‘As Deep As Love’ is taken from acclaimed indie troubadour Daniel Pearson’s upcoming album, Alone Together, set for release on 21st August. There’s something reminiscent of U2 in Pearson’s vocal: “like raindrops on a wire / words on your tongue / nothing cuts as deep as love”. Beautiful lyrics in abundance, this track boasts a spell-binding quality which is sure to leave you captivated until the very last line.

The art of being a male singer-songwriter is certainly a difficult one; it seems you’re always going to be compared to the greats that went before. For example, Pearson has already been hailed as “The recession generation Bob Dylan” by the Sabotage Times. But, breaking this trend we’re keen to recognise Pearson’s own merit.

His emotive narrative in ‘As Deep As Love’ is combined with the structured yet low-key melody to produce a track which makes for extremely easy listening – perfect for listening to as you commute to work or school throughout this week.

Daniel Pearson has his own website, which you can check out here.

Article by Beth Kirkbride