Track of the Week: Take It Back // Gold Jacks

Gold Jacks, an alternative/rock four-piece from Manchester, are shrouded in a cloak of mystery; their website sets up the conspiracy that it’s no coincidence that Zayn Malik quit One Direction days after they dropped their debut single ‘One Kinda Woman’. And, with one intention and one intention only – to resuscitate the still-twitching corpse of the UK alternative scene – it’s clear Gold Jacks are on a mission. Woe betides you if you get in their way.

Whether the alternative scene is really in need of CPR is a debate for another day, but one thing is certain, Gold Jacks are infusing life into a timeless genre. They have given us a real gift in the form of their lo-fi bluesy track ‘Take It Back’, which boasts a sinister stop-start melody, credit to Liam Dunning on guitar. Stewart Burn’s vocal is powerful and unapologetic; sounding like Southampton rock outfit Band of Skulls have been fused with Jack White’s distinctive style, whilst the backing vocals are reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age.

‘Take It Back’ is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish, and the breakdowns are sure to make for complete chaos during live shows. A sure fire way to start the week, anyhow, which is exactly why we’ve made it our Track of the Week.