William Sitwell was victim of ‘political correctness gone mad’, says vegan ex-employee

A vegan former PA to William Sitwell has told South West Londoner: “Not once did I feel like William was going to kill me.”

Amy Gastman, 24, worked for the Waitrose & Partners Food magazine for three and a half years and was an editorial assistant as well as Mr Sitwell’s PA.

Mr Sitwell’s resignation as editor followed backlash from comments that he made in reply to Selene Nelson, a vegan freelance journalist, who pitched a plant-based meal series via email, in which he suggested killing vegans one by one.

Read the full story on South West Londoner: https://www.swlondoner.co.uk/william-sitwell-was-victim-of-political-correctness-gone-mad-says-vegan-ex-employee/

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