Track Review: Say The Right Thing // SAHARA

Infectious, poppy guitar hooks coupled with an upbeat backing vocal of “say the right thing / say the right thing / let me in” makes for a swimmingly immersive concoction in the form of ‘Say The Right Thing’, the latest release from London based band, SAHARA. Streaming the track exclusively on The Indiependent from today, the song seems to be a metaphor for a relationship which has run its course, evidenced by the lyrics “You left your coffee on my bedroom floor / tried to reheat it but it just ran cold”.

SAHARA’s last single, ‘Green Light’ – noticeably darker, more indie-rock than ‘Say The Right Thing’s’ comparative indie-pop – racked up nearly 8.5K views on SoundCloud in its first month alone, so it seems a safe bet to say that this band are destined for great things. Following the tried and tested formula of frantic choruses and relatable, heart-on-your-sleeve lyricism – to which Catfish & the Bottlemen are probably the most recent and successful beneficiaries – SAHARA have proved they’re worth their salt.

With ‘Say The Right Thing’ this band has proved they’ve got versatility and that they’ll undoubtedly be on the scene for a long time to come. We can only look forward to hearing what they do next…

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