Track Review: Shock You // Spitfire

Chesterfield/Sheffield based rock band, Spitfire, have released a punch-in-the-face sonic entity in the form of ‘Shock You’. From a band that have chosen to share their name with the aircraft that formed the backbone of RAF Fighter Command during the Second World War, we expected great things from ‘Shock You’. The band does not disappoint, taking the listener on an exhilarating journey through the field of rock music.

There’s something Bowie-esque about the vocal in the earlier stages of the track, which is bizarre, given the heavy nature of the accompanying melody; whilst somewhat unexpected, this is utterly genius at the same time. The lyrics are fairly simple rock ‘n’ roll: “I’m gonna shock ya” is repeated throughout, but as frontman Danny Willhelm Hopkinson’s vocal climbs to new heights, the track reaches a soaring crescendo. It isn’t hard to imagine the chorus being shouted euphorically back at the band on a stadium sized tour. The guitar solos are scuzzy, confident and ooze experience far beyond Spitfire’s years, making this track an impressive debut recording from this unit. .

Needless to say we’re excited to see what else Spitfire can produce in months to come.  You can follow the band onTwitter and like them on Facebook to stay on top of their work.