Track of the Week: The Jacques // Artful Dodger

The latest tearaway single from The Jacques takes its name from the familiar Dickensian character, the ‘Artful Dodger’. And, much like Charles Dickens, The Jacques have the propensity to secure a place for themselves in the history books if they keep on producing unrelenting indie anthems such as this one.

Their sound is a blend between cockney guitar pop and Strokes-esque guitar licks, and the vocal has a drawling tone evocative of the Libertines themselves. It’s sloppy – in a sort of slapstick way – but not in a manner that isn’t deliberate. It sounds like a Tom and Jerry chase, which explains the accompanying music video.

The band is signed to Gary Powell’s (of Libertines fame) independent record label and he’s definitely a lucky beggar having signed this lot. The Jacques’ The Artful Dodger EP is set for release on Monday 22nd June – definitely not one to miss.