Track Review: Security Deposit // Kid Mud

‘Security Deposit’ by Californian band, Kid Mud, is a mellow track which could easily be the soundtrack to any rom com, like ever. It feels like the perfect backdrop for a breakup scene. You know which scene I mean – picture the camera cutting to a shot of the protagonist driving in the rain, tears streaming down their face. The repetitive nature of the melody creates a sense of pessimism, and this sense of melancholia is underpinned by the brutally raw lyrics “I won’t be here waiting” which fade out as the track ends. The distinctive quality of the vocal is reminiscent in places of Placebo frontman, Brian Molko, as he sings in slower tracks such as ‘Bosco’.

Whilst Kid Mud used to be a one man band, they have added to their ranks four other members. ‘Security Deposit’ features special guests – members of Grandaddy, Built Like Alaska, The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit, and Creepy Pizza. This collaborative effort really pays off because one of the greatest strengths of the track is the vocal harmony, which creates a cocoon like sensation, as the listener is shrouded by tender voices all around.

In the busy world that we live in, it’s nice to take time out and listen to hypnotics melodies like this one. If you like what you hear, follow Kid Mud on Twitter, and give them a like on Facebook.

Words by Beth Kirkbride