Track Review: Next Time // Purdy

Originally posted on Gigslutz

“Please don’t call me baby / ‘cause I don’t know that name” a woman purrs as she stalks your daydreams, her words dripping potency. The hypnotic pace to Purdy’s ‘Next Time’ would have even the most reluctant of dancers twisting their hips in the sensual frenzy this track brings out in the listener. The clicking that’s paired with the black and white music video means that one’s mind can’t help but wander to the ‘60s. Naughty, yes, but ‘nice’ isn’t quite what comes to mind…

This collaboration with Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) sounds like an illicit romp in a darkened hotel room where you know a ‘Next Time’ is in fact highly improbable. It sounds like the feel of Lindt chocolate – cool and velvety against your tongue – and it tastes like espresso; bitter but energising all at once. This track sounds like liquid confidence, oozes sensuality and my ears feel thoroughly satisfied after listening.