Single Review: Money // Peace

Harry Koisser presents us with a robust anthem in the form of Peaces single MoneyUnsure of what to make of the news that the Worcester bands frontman had turned his hand to rapping, I’m pleased to say he doesnt disappoint.

The track has a simplistic groove to it, with a confident, undulating instrumental thats perfectly woven with Koissers vocal work. Admittedly, its not as catchy as Lovesick’ or California Dazefrom the bands previous album In Love’ but its brazenly assured and illustrates just how far theyve come in the past eighteen months. 
It feels like a song with a purpose: a social commentary about mankinds pre-occupation with wealth Do you need it? Do you eat it? When youre hungry? Does it taste good?’ — ‘Money’ isnjust another track on a Summer BBQ playlist. With the confidence it exudes, I’m definitely looking forward to the release of the bandWorld Pleasures’ LP later this year.10